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Is Gonorrhoea your Holiday Souvenir?
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IGetAroundWe get “around”, especially when we are on holidays. And so does gonorrhoea, especially showing up in the throat and ass. 

Having just passed the holiday season and now entering the hot days of summer, the thought of lying by the pool, sipping on cocktails and meeting new friends is very enticing.

Regardless of where you’re meeting guys for hook-ups on your travels, whether overseas or interstate, giving or receiving head, you could be putting yourself at risk of getting gonorrhoea.

Word from the M Clinic is that more and more guys are testing positive for gonorrhoea in Perth. In 2012 the M Clinic saw a 50% increase in throat gonorrhoea.

The solution? Get tested – before you go on your travels and after you come back. If you’ve had oral, ask for a throat swab, and if you’ve had anal sex ask for a rectal swab as well.

Gonorrhoea can be treated. After treatment, check back in a month to make sure the treatment has worked. The friendly staff at the M Clinic can help you out there.

For information on testing at the M Clinic – for men who have sex with men – go to www.mclinic.org.au.

For travellers, the WA AIDS Council website, www.sexinothercities.com.au, provides education and information about destinations, safe behaviour and testing.







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M Clinic

  • Testing Services

    Wanting to find out where you can get an anonymous confidential sexual health check? The Sauna Sexual Health Service and the M Clinic provide sexual health information testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and blood borne viruses (BBVs).



  • Peer Support

    Want to find out what it is like for other guys? Want to get support and information from guys who understand where you are coming from? The Project X Team from the Gay/MSM Program at the WA AIDS Council adopts a peer education model in our health promotion, outreach and education. All our programs are run by Gay/MSM guys and one to one peer support is also available.