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Let's Talk About It - New Website for Gay Men

Lets Talk About ItA new interactive website has just been launched for gay men to help them build healthier relationships.

The website has been developed by the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO), and encourages gay men to talk with their boyfriends or partners and help them come to agreements about their relationships.

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Wearing a condom means never having to ask “Are you neg?”

Condom“Do you bareback?”
“Yeah, I take it raw.”
“Awesome! What time and where?”
“My place, 20 minutes... Are you neg?”

This is a fairly common negotiation in lots of casual hook-up scenarios – on Grindr, in the toilet line at CONNECTIONS, cruising on any number of gay internet chat rooms. ‘Bareback’ and ‘raw’ are both slang terms for unprotected anal intercourse, and ‘neg’ refers to a negative HIV status. But, having unprotected sex based on that ‘txt-versation’ is flawed. Establishing that the hot guy who is about to shag you unrubbered is ‘neg’ is not the end of the story.

Create an informed choice
by Steve Fragomeni

Talking about the sex you like, or want to have, with the guy who is in front of you is not always an easy thing to do.
Depending on how well you know that person, it can be awkward, uncomfortable and fraught with making exceptions to whatever rules you have set for yourself, and most of those exceptions are about whether a condom is involved.
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Staying Aware of Domestic Abuse in our Community

Unfortunately domestic abuse happens within relationships in our community. It is important to know the signs and dynamics of an abusive/violent relationship and what to do if you, or a friend, is in a volatile, dangerous, and abusive situation.

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HIV, Risk and the guessing game

The last gay men’s periodical survey, (which is conducted every 2 years at Fairday), revealed some interesting information about how gay and bi men in Perth are deciding to have anal sex without condoms. There has been a considerable increase in men discussing HIV status with casual partners before deciding not to use condoms. There has also been an increase in the number of men having anal sex without condoms with multiple casual partners since their last HIV test.

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  • Testing Services

    Wanting to find out where you can get an anonymous confidential sexual health check? The Sauna Sexual Health Service and the M Clinic provide sexual health information testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and blood borne viruses (BBVs).



  • Peer Support

    Want to find out what it is like for other guys? Want to get support and information from guys who understand where you are coming from? The Project X Team from the Gay/MSM Program at the WA AIDS Council adopts a peer education model in our health promotion, outreach and education. All our programs are run by Gay/MSM guys and one to one peer support is also available.