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Have you seen our free condoms??

condoms Have you seen our free PX condoms lately? We have just received this email from a community member and we thought we will share it with you ...

Wow. It's a little embarrassing but I have seen all these free condoms in Perth so many times. Thought not much of it. Then I ended up at the court tonite with a few mates. I'm partnered in an open relationship. I'm fairly conservative. But after a long nite decided to head home. I was walking home and met a mate I had only met that night. We ended up In an alley..... Eeewwwk grose. But at the time the feelings took over and it was feeling good. Then I found your free condoms. I took a few from the court. Wow suddenly these condoms were like gold. Perfect timing. Never did I think I wld use them. Thank you very much. Not only am I safe but so was my new found mate. Such a simple thing cld have saved me from a lifetime of hard times of catching something awful. Thanks a lot. I'm sure from Both of us!



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