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Ask Alex


ask_alexHey fellas,

Being yourself in this day and age has never been easier, nor has it been more complicated. Big questions come up – sexuality, being married, impact on family, HIV, safe sex. You’d be surprised how many guys out there have the same issues to talk about.

If you have sex with other men and need someone to talk to, someone who can relate, someone who may have been through what you are going though, why not drop me a line with whatever you would like to discuss. You don’t have to use your real name. Just post us a question using the Ask Alex box on the right of the page and we will post your answer below. Here are some recent questions:

Recent Questions


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No matter who you are or where you live you need to know about HIV and AIDS. Currently there are about 33.2 million people worldwide living with HIV.

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Gay, Bi, Straight, Not Sure?

Gay, straight or bisexual? Who are you attracted to? Maybe you already know the answer, or maybe you are confused or repressed.

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All about sex

All about sex...

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STIs - warts and all

Sexually Transmissible Infections and HIV know no boundaries - race, creed, colour, gender, sexuality. It is important to stay in the loop and know what to look for, what it means to have an STI, disclosing to a partner and, most importantly, where to get tested!

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Meeting other guys

Where to go to meet guys, hook-ups vs 'Mr Right", beats, cruising, saunas etc

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Getting Scene/ The Community

Questions about the Scene/Community

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